Solar Swimming Pool Covers

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Buy Direct From The Manufacturer
We are the only company in the UK that manufactures and supplies solar covers directly to the end users. Our range of covers will:
  • Raise water temperature by trapping the suns rays
  • Retain heat by reflecting it back from the underside
  • Cut heat losses from evaporation by sealing the water
  • Reduce bills by lowering the heat input required
Our state of the art welding machines, coupled with the highest quality tried and trusted materials from innovative world class supplier Plastipack, mean that we are able offer an unbeatable range of products at very low prices, all backed by first class service and quality.
  • Materials available in 400micron to 500 micron
  • Fastest service avaialable
  • Up to 6 years Pro Rata Warranty, depending on cover
  • Full range of solar cover aaccessories
  • Technical advice: e -mail
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Platinum 500 Micron
  • Our best selling cover
  • Blue topside, silver underside
  • Extra UV/chemical protection
  • 500 micron thickness
  • Excellent heat retention
RRP £0.96/sq ft, our price £0.52 sq ft
4 Year pro rata Warranty
SilverBlue 400 Micron
  • Blue topside, silver underside
  • Good solar gain
  • Reduces evaporation
  • Excellent heat retention
  • Traditional bubble format
RRP £0.74/sq ft, our price £0.31 sq ft 
3 Year pro rata Warranty 

BlueBlue 400 Micron
  • Plain blue/blue cover
  • Good solar gain
  • Reduces evaporation
  • Traditional bubble format
RRP £0.64/sq ft, our price £0.29 sq ft
3 Year pro rata Warranty
GeoBubble Platinum+ 500 micron
  • Best all round performance
  • Excellent heat gain
  • Excellent heat retention
  • Reduces evaporation
  • New geobubble format
RRP £1.06/sq ft, our price £0.58 sq ft
6 Year pro rata Warranty
GeoBubble Sol+Guard 500 Micron
  • Best for solar gain
  • Very effective in hot climates
  • Reduces evaporation
  • New geobubble format
RRP £1.06/sq ft, our price £0.60 sq ft
6 Year pro rata Warranty
EnergyGuard GeoBubble 500 micron
  • Use to prevent algae growth
  • Stops light entering the pool
  • Reduces filtration time
  • Reduces chemical costs
  • New geobubble format
RRP £1.06/sq ft, our price £0.60 sq 
6 Year pro rata Warranty
Cover Accessories
  • Towing Attatchments
  • Reinforced Tail Kits
  • Salvedge Edges
  • Strap Sets
  • Press Fix Connectors
Splash Pool Covers

Comprehensive range of covers for:

  • Intex Pools
  • Bestway Pools
  • Splasher Pools

General Information About Solar Covers

Solar Pool Covers Increase Water Temperature

Gains of up to 8C can be achieved by the suns solar energy passing through the translucent cover, causing heat gain in the same way that a greenhouse heats up. A very translucent cover such as the solguard will give the best results for solargain. This is particularly useful in southern eurpoean climates, but less so than in the UK, where we recommend the Platinum Geobubble due to its all round properties.

Solar Covers Reduce Evaporation

Evaporation can be virtually eliminated. With the cover on, the water is effectively sealed, preventing the escape of water moisture. Evaporation is the major cause of heat loss, even in the Uk. Research has shown that an average sized pool can lose as much as 32 ooo litres per year. This figure will be considerably large in sunny and or windy climates. There are associated losses of chemicals that go with this.

Swimming Pool Solar Covers Retain Heat

Overall heating costs will be reduced by using any solar cover, but will be particularly noticeable by using a cover with a reflective underside, such as the Platinum Geobubble. The reflective colour of the bubbles mean that the cover acts in a similar way to thermos, and will reflect heat back into the pool, rather than radiated away to the air. This is particularly effective on heated pools, and will help to minimize heating costs.

How Poolwarehouse Solar Covers Are Made

All of the material that is used by is sourced strictly from the UK manufacturer Plastipack Ltd. Their products are sold worldwide and they are widely recognised as the leader in the field of premium solar cover materials. The material is made from a two ply polyethylene. Depending on the type of finished product, these two plys may be different in colour. For example the Platinum is made from a dark blue upper layer and a silver colour underside.
The bottom layer is formed into individual bubble shapes and then the top layer is placed on top. In the case of the new GeoBubble, the individual bubbles are much larger, and form a figure of eight shape. Chemicals are added to the plastic to inhibit the attack of UV from the sunlight, and also to protect from attack from aggressive pool chemicals.